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Monday I see MCT has already gone from 1GAS per 1k to 1NEO per 1k (based on MCT #trading discord observations). Will be keeping a keen eye on this.

11 May EasyCDP is a new startup that has been receiving support from the Stable Fund. We are trying to make really good interfaces for interacting with MakerDAO.

10 May Man Walton has so much going for it. I remember the Ali baba news... we shot up to .0026 BTC ratio. The amount of good news and partnerships has literally 10xd from that point. I will always be behind WTC exclusively for their technology development / expertise... but I’m hoping I can snag some more WTC at these prices... I don’t see WTC staying where it’s at much longer.

10 May The weird thing is today's EOS prices will look CHEAP compared to many months to come. Many will be like, I wish I bought more at the cheap $18 price tag lol

09 May The more I learn about Ontology Network the more I feel this was long overdue, Im so glad its leadership is well known and respected with years of integrity behind them.

08 May Well, I`m interested in the sports betting. As I realize from twitter WaykiChain already has Football Betting that will be trending during the World Cup period. Do You have or plan to have more betting programs for other sports, for example, tennis?

08 May So many things going on for the Smart Economy, remember guys when we just had our first ICO with Red Pulse, or even back further the rebranding from Antshares to NEO. All this happened in less than 1 year! Look at where are we now, with ONT making very strong presence, plenty of ICO's down the road, a meetup with the European Parliment to educate them about blockchain innovation and benefits, decentralized exchanges, nOS.. and so much more, just scroll thru the subreddit and you will realize how many people and projects are getting involved building the NEO ecosystem. And we are just getting started!

07 May If you buy BYTOM, put it in the purse and leave it alone. This coin is suitable for long lines and is not suitable for bands, otherwise it will be easily thrown off.

04 May Another day, another day closer to the parabolic bull run of our lifetime. Patience is key. When the day comes again and again- who's with me to do something epic? I haven't forgotten the dream of a full moon party in Thailand 2020 with my omisegays

02 May Trx is one of my favoutite coin. i'm also holding Tron. Reson for this incriment is many updates, partnerships and many more. i thin TRX can achieve 1$ easyly.