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11 July Hope we're all doing okay. Personally wish I'd waited a day longer to start my buys, but I feel like there's a place for EOS in blockchain's future, so I'm not hugely bothered. We'll see new highs eventually, as we will likely do across the board.

09 July I know many disagree, but I'm really excited about becoming divisible! Believe including everyone regardless of the price will benefit NEO

06 July Patience is key at the current period! As we all known, Sharding and Casper to come. It is one of main reasons why Ethereum has stayed at high price despite massive massacre in the crypto market recent weeks.

05 July I really like the Binance exchange. it is now the top one and this is the first exchange on which I registered. I hope their coin BNB will grow. I invested a large amount of money in it

04 July Looks like is the blockchain platform that the European banks are using to conduct their asset transfers

03 July Generally speaking why is this sub pretty inactive? Just curious where the deeper substantive discussions are on a daily basis with what ICX is doing.

02 July Evolution is on the horizon!

28 June first you need up price december btc was 6000 usd btg was +400 usd now btc 6000 btg 24 usd how shit coin you are zcash 7x price more then you

27 June As long as ETH is still alive you shouldn't worry about OMG. Both teams are working together to create plasma and its been verified that OmiseGo will be the first token to utilize it. So the Ethereum team wants OMG to succeed just as much or more then us.

26 June This is an excellent initiative. It will allow 1) a possible expansion of the number of coins that can be used for CDP collateral as low turnover coins become less risky. 2) individual CDP owners can take higher risk by bundling low-risk token together with high-risk ones. Only downside is that it could be hard for Maker goverance to judge what debt ceiling to give these bundled tokens.