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17 August I follow Waves since the beginning, and love it ! Nodes will have more and more power when smart contracts will arrive. I am bullish on nodes tokens and MRT.

16 August some weeks ago I had a look at the ranking and DGB was then at 52nd place, but now much! better. An awesome development that has actually happened swiftly.

15 August That 35% in a day is all I need to see to keep the faith. Can't wait for a bull season. Gonna smash that ATH.

14 August Discover the scalable, secure and sustainable 3rd generation blockchain infrastructure with Rchain aiming to serve as a mission-critical backbone for a digital society at a global scale!

10 August cryptocurrency doesn't need these ETF kind of things, why should f. Ex. Bitcoin need to be connected with some centralized party to make it more secure? I don't get why many People are supporting this kind of news smh...

08 August Who doesn’t like watching stuff explode?

06 August Awesome to see great tutorials being made for Embark!

25 July we will see 6.2 k soon again...I will buy some more. Btc the moon

23 July Dude when the next boom happens it'll be driven by hype again and even the biggest shitcoins will get pumped hard while decent coins will not all prosper.

19 July I guess. I guess I got more time to get my bags bigger. I'm just hating to spend more bitcoin right now. My newly minted coins yo