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15 August BNB, NEO, IOTA, XRP... and yes ADA. If they aren’t doing anything at this time to build and develop they are surrendering

13 August If you told me a year ago OMG would hit over 20 dollars in 6 months i would of called you crazy. If you would of told me 6 months ago OMG will fall under 4 dollars i would of called you crazy. So i wonder if the next 6 months will be just as crazy

13 August I think you're right whales might feel they have accumulated enough and cb listing this might come.

10 August i love the fact that like almost to the exact same time, last year xrp dropped from like 27 cents to 13 cents and i was to shy to buy more.... cant wait for december

09 August Network fund sounds like it is for technical purpose only, i.e. not for marketing. I prefer project fund or community fund. Treasury may be a great term but it could make an impression that Decred is too square or bureaucratic.

08 August When Tether on EOS? 🤔

07 August Very nice to see consistent fixes and problems solved. Awesome work here guys!

06 August Welcome. BCH fan here too. IMO Dash is like BCH but with a more coherent scaling strategy because the masternodes receive funding from the block reward with which they can support the physical requirements of running nodes capable of handling massive blocks whereas BCH at present relies on altruistic nodes

03 August I don’t doubt the importance of any of these projects and their future growth, but aren’t there only about 2 loans a day happening on Dharma? Personally love Dharma, but heavily used seems like the wrong term.

02 August I didnt think it was possible to lose this much money, but then I bought OMG and Nano