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17 August Ive been waiting for a good iota dev tutorial for a while. Having a good tutorial would be very beneficial to the community in the short and long run.

16 August Why would EOY make any sense now? The price now is around .30 What would change that value to .50+? Crypto’s don’t use patterns like us people do. Why would december have such a big impact? We don’t have any influence, so far, it’s only the banks that keep manipulating the prices. Our price is still very depending on the price of BTC. I don’t see anything big happen without major announcements or actual XRP/xRapid related stuff happening. Happy hodling guys!

15 August The trading volume is highly suspect on some of those exchanges. As a project/mid/long term investment, QTUM is top of class imo. short term, anything goes right now.

14 August The Securities and Exchange Commission recently singled out tether in its rejection of a proposed bitcoin-based ETF. USDT IS the smoking gun.

13 August Mighty Doge preparing!

10 August Crypto has extreme power over people.. it can lead to irrational thoughts that trick you into getting 2nds and third servings of losses. This entire year many have been putting fiat into bitcoin into alts only to Lose right away and keep losing all the while still keep putting fiat to btc to alts. its like speculation on top of speculation on top of speculation at this point...

09 August Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) - Setup and payment stepsfor the Lightning Network

08 August Have been holding for a year now. Has been quite the rollercoaster ride thus far. Not out to make a quick buck. Set myself a target for omisego to invest for 3 years and then reassess, which should be plenty of time to deliver the project. Out of many altcoin projects, I still believe that this is one of the few that will deliver. Time will tell.

07 August Trade BYTOM and mine at the same time!!

06 August Hopefully you can still release the app together with Lisk HQ.