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Aug 17, 2018 It’s the opposite now. It’s that constant battle to resist the urge of checking exactly how much further everything has tanked.

Aug 16, 2018 A twenty dollars which predicted Charlie Lee can be reality soon

Aug 15, 2018 Great to see Cryptogrinders suggest Lisk, even if they got one or two things a bit incorrect when speaking about the project.

Aug 14, 2018 We’re about to fall below a billion dollar marketcap. These are dark times indeed. What pisses me off is the fact that NEO is one of the mature legitimate projects in this space but somehow it’s like it doesn’t even matter. Yet new hyped up projects that don’t even have functioning mainnets and/or working platforms somehow are valued higher than NEO. I’m literally at a loss of words. I understand that everything is dropping right now and that there are lots of garbage projects that need to die but NEO isn’t one of them.

Aug 13, 2018 This is an excellent project. It has a great team of professionals behind it. I think your team had a perfect project which can help many in future for many people. hope you will succeed. This actually looks very realistic. I'm happy to be Join Here. I really liked your wonderful project!

Aug 10, 2018 I don't think the actions of one developer will affect the long term sustainability of the project, maybe you can elaborate on what zooko has to do with roger ver? I have a feeling you are a btc max though, which in that case you would look for absolutely any reason to call this a scam Sad

Aug 9, 2018 For the moment concentrate to grab more if you can at these current prices. One big advantage is here your investment is less volatile in term of future of project. I also have started to look at my portfolio to see what can be shorted for GNT to get. Next cycle of increase can be around the corner but no one knows.

Aug 8, 2018 Fantastic! You guys are keeping up the momentum. Great stuff!

Aug 7, 2018 Can I use golem to bake lighting in Unity yet?

Aug 6, 2018 a perfectly logical thing to do if you expected the price of your original coin to go down. Say for example bitcoin is at $10,000. You sell 1 Bitcoin for 10,000 DAI. Later if Bitcoin drops to $5,000, you can buy back 1 Bitcoin and you're left with an extra 5,000 DAI then when you started. Now, timing this correctly is the tricky part!