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Monday predicting the future is one of the hardest things to do. however, as we see from the solution they provide, I could say when the platform is online and people can use scilla to improve their performance. Zilliqa is an integral part of the world's blockchain ecosystem. top 10 is very very very realistic target.

11 May Lightning network = centralized = less secure. 1 thing. Use DGB and send it to another wallet, or buy something with it. Enjoy its speed and ease of comfort. That alone should convince you enough.

11 May why panic sell? BCH had some strong momentum recently and Lightning is only implemented with 3 e-commerce platforms, it‘s just at the very beginning and not proven yet.

10 May With Korea and Japan being among the forefront countries in the crypotcurrency revolution, extremely bullish. Next stop, Germany please.

09 May When the sentiment about Monero fluctuates, I 'll be monitoring it in real time with the Amulet Platform data tool just released. It's best way to keep my finger on Monero.

08 May loopring is the best crypto I have ever seen in the market! I will buy more at the next dip to accumulate

07 May This is one of the major advantages of Lisk over the other networks. Running the dapps on sidechains instead of the main chain makes it much more scalable. As many servers to run dapps as are needed can be added to the network. Bitcoin and Ethereum are trying to address scalability with what amount to patches on top of the core technology, like Lightening Network for Bitcoin and State Channels for Ethereum. With Lisk, scalability is built into the core design from the ground up.

04 May Second time this month we hit 0.9 and bump back down. Wtf? Give me 2 usd for 1 xrp

03 May Price is established between supply (mining, people that want to sell XVG) and demand (people that want to buy XVG). Cut that mining part in half and your supply is lower. Less people want to sell (because they simply have less mining income to actually sell) and thus the price climbs more then before.

03 May A lot of good news worldwide on crypto