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16 August yeah I like the idea of STATUS project. Following them for some time now and they got a good dev team which is delivering the products more or less on time. But in the current bearish market it's hard to say which coins will survive. Hoping status will one of them and we can all get benefitted.

31 July As do I! I am super excited as well. I hope to be there.

27 July Whats the ETA for full decentralization?, i get there adding extra nodes by the end of the year but has there been an estimate on when it should be all up and running?

26 July Blockchains should be slow, stable, and conservative--like BTC. Move fast and break things doesn't work here as people will soon find out.

25 July reat news that zcash is finally getting some mainstream attention with the coinbase addition hoping to see it lead the privacy coins industry zcash has always been one of my fav alts hoping to see it regain its position among top 10 again with the next bull run

24 July People don't know where the market is going so I just make my own decisions and ignore everyone, because clearly they have no clue. I ve chosen for myself 2 great and promising projects with fastest tps - Cardano and Credits

23 July Big players will be able to earn money by pumping Bytecoin, the Bytecoin network will easily withstand large volumes!

20 July In a few years, every business on the planet will have a blockchain part just like they all have social media, online payments and webshops. Some will use ethereum, sopme will use neo, some lisk, some stratis, some nem, ... All of them will triple their ATH's in less than 2 years

19 July Is Hitbtc going to distribute BCD to those who were holding BTC at the point of the fork?

18 July QTUM is a next big thing this project have great platform even this is undervalued but it won't remain on current level. Soon people will realize the potential and adoption of this token will increase. Dev team is working truly awesome and it will bring great result for the future of this system.