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12 June I'm not surprised that whales wait for a while to see that the network is working properly.

11 June i see the price of SIA is green,, and this is because of this great news coming to sia,, hopefully this news can bring sia to the past All time high price

08 June This is how real-world adoption begins - this Proof of Concepts in an industrial use-case. Great!

05 June Surely all the core Digix members are badge holders, therefore this model aligns perfectly for them maxing out on profits...

04 June You should be very wary of Weiss. Do not use nor cite them, even if they 'back' your chosen crypto project.

01 June One has only to look at the volumes of the Binance exchange, and it will immediately become clear to you that the waves are now preparing for a serious growth.

30 May No project went to and stayed on the moon only because people in a thread talk nonstop. You need to build things to get to the moon.

28 May Augur offers a truly unique service, has an amazing platform and is managed by a team of experts in General, Augur is a winning platform that is on the rise!

25 May Steem listing to Bithumb today!

24 May There's a lot of good news about 0x and we saw pump where ZRX price was almost 20k satoshis on its peak! But why the price came back to its previous level then?