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14 June Testing 6500ish for resistance. If it breaks through 6000, it will probably end up somewhere between 2000-3000. 6000 is such a psychological level, that if broken, it will be a complete free fall. Might be a good time to look for shorts around 6500.

12 June Oh man, I do hope by the end of this year CB will be destroyed by SBI and Binance (offering fiat trading in 2018) for making such unlogical decisions. Burn CB, crash and burn!

11 June I am also waiting and am sure that the price of verge will reach to $1 but currently the market is not good of all of the crypto that is why there is some decline even in the price of verge. It is still very better in price and will go more better.

08 June Hope everyone has a great Friday and can enjoy the weekend. Enjoying reading the comments and info. Thanks.

05 June A significant upgrade to the daily consumption of status has been merged in development and is now being tested. 1 year ago at 1000 MB to less than 17 MB!

04 June I guess I'm super confused. So all of my coins have been in Binance. What happens now? Will I be able to participate in respectable airdrops moving forward? Any clarity would be much appreciated

01 June "Brussels vows to retaliate against US tariffs in coming hours" This is good for bitcoin!

30 May Investing is pure emotion: fear of losing and fear of missing out(FOMO). Take the emotion out of it and you will be fine.

28 May Golem team has repeatedly disavowed any relationship with McAfee. Based on the integrity of the team and their behavior (never taking an interest in token price) in their >2.5 years in the space, I think we can take them at their word in this case.

25 May For me, this coin like Tron is a pump and very good for investors on short-term investments. In other respects, this coin is not even worth considering as a promising future.