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16 August Metaverse (ETP) up over 400% since June – Looks set to make higher gains!

31 July Don't worry. It will be $1,000 EOY. You will be a multi billionaire!

27 July This is a crazy coin, from which you can expect anything. I think that in this coin it is not too late to invest to get big money.

25 July So who else is already addicted to checking their wallet for VTHO generation?

24 July The one thing we need for the short term is coinbase, finger crossed

23 July What has QTUM done to not be labeled a security?

20 July Creeping back up to the top 10 were we belong.

19 July I just focus on solid projects because you are right only a few forks are worth while.

18 July August Will be huge for crypto

17 July This was an awesome update! Very excited about the less intense node resource impact, but very interested in some quantifiable metrics of network health when it comes to votes/forks. I also recently heard about these physical faucets which sounds really neat.