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Mar 13, 2018 MKR holders need to be informed and interested in Maker governance, you don't get that if you sell huge volumes on major exchanges. By not listing on major exchanges you also avoid the worst bubbles and the distractions that come with these. I guess MKR will eventually be listed on most major exchanges once multicollatoral DAI has been successfully launched.

Mar 5, 2018 When looking at VeChain's (VEN) 4-hour charts I notice a nice teacup and handle formation. Notice the A, B, C, and D Elliot waves you can obviously tell we are due for a massive shrimp and chicken stew pot and I have no idea what I am talking about.

Mar 2, 2018 The default fee in the Dash core client for a typically sized dash transaction of ~0.5kB is 0.000005 Dash (0.00001 Dash/kB) which is less than $0.005. Dash also has 4x faster block time and 2x larger blocks than bitcoin so 8x capacity. Also scaling up to 400MB blocks is in the roadmap and this will be possible thanks to incentivized masternodes. If you are going to make a proposal for that much money, then I recommend making a multi month proposal because 2 million would be too much of the less than 4 million total monthly budget. For example a 3 month proposal for 1200 dash/month. Also it's custom to create a pre-proposal on the forums to get some feedback before submitting actual proposal. Also I recommend adding monthly milestones and keep in mind that it is possible for a multi month proposal to be voted down after the first payouts.

Mar 2, 2018 gains are great right now, but the extremely low volume moving up is what worries me. All the TA are showing we are going up and up. I am still sitting on the sidelines. If it breaks 12k i'll jump in.

Feb 28, 2018 Ardor has vision but needs some big collaborations soon. Also, the NXT Wallet is cluttered and never really works without your seed. Crypto is big currently but some coins will die soon. If Ardor continue like this ... :-( might be them.

Feb 28, 2018 Go lisk go. Turn that frown upside down

Feb 28, 2018 I definitely think iota has a bright future. The wait will be long but I can definitely see this project skyrocket to the sun and beyond. The new partnerships is a big plus, I’m holding.

Feb 27, 2018 Waves is one of the most complete and strongs projects right now. One of its strengths for me is its decentralized exchange which I consider more and more necessary for safe transactions in crypto world. Apart from all that, it is a great investment since its price is still low and its growth potential is huge, you just have to remember its reduced supply and make numbers of how far it can go.

Feb 27, 2018 Zcash is also recovering. There is a reason I love Zcash and believe it will hit $500 in the upcoming few days. Let's just be patient and aim for the best, fellows ;)

Feb 27, 2018 The first one to choose a Blockchain to represent their most valuable commodity - It's bigs news, more bigger than the fake tencent rumour last year - This notice will echo the whole crypto space - I hope the biased media and most of youtubers acknowledge this win for NEM