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17 August Any idea as to when StellarX goes live? The beta started when?

15 August I love XEM and I'm interested in investing in more. Can anyone here clarify for me how the Mijin blockchain benefits XEM holders/price/staking?

14 August My buy order from months ago finally executed!

13 August It is indeed a difficult situation for all crypto projects, not only BTG. I personally trust that the market tendency will change direction at any time soon.

10 August What was best crypto to invest in end december/begining of january----USDT

09 August Yeah the digimarines are pretty cool, great community

08 August The reason Dash is falling in marketcap is the lack of hype. Remember the Dash conference in September 2017? The Core team said that big announcements will be made then, which resulted in a lot of hype. The price went to 0.1 BTC or 400 USD at the time, while the other alts were suffering. Dash needs events like that to create excitement.

07 August I thought it was pretty awesome nice work.

06 August Volume anywhere is nonexistent. Omise can't disclose anything, marketing is nonexistent and they only have tentative dates for anything interesting happening. No reason to buy at all.

03 August I put together some tips on how to gain Steem followers. The title is click baity-I get it. But I'm hustling to put together some useful content so new Steemians will have a more comprehensive guide to how to use Steem.