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11 July All the fear mongering trolls are back hahaha, look at you all spewing your bullshit again.

09 July I would like Stellar x to have the option to combine all our dust into XLM. Might be difficult to do on a decentralized exchange.

05 July great news, as much exchanges as possible is the goal!

04 July Miners still mining BTC when BCH is 2 -4x more profitable to mine What could be the possible explanation for this?

03 July The bear market brings out the worst of us, but I hope this community will be able to regain the good discussion we have had before. Personally, I think whenever a steady stream of updates comes out, this sub is usually rational and good at picking things apart. For my omisebros, I wanted you guys to know that OMG has been a continued interest at multiple VCs. Definitely one of the more exciting crypto being talked about right now.

02 July Tether has been added to our DSX exchange. USDT can be deposited and withdrawn from DSX as an ERC20 token only. The Ethereum network, unlike the Bitcoin one, allows the faster movement of USDT and with lower fees.

28 June Supply is a variable that eventually has constraints...demand does not.

27 June Or stop waiting and install Saturn Wallet today! It is a metamask fork that supports Ethereum and Ethereum Classic networks, and will have tight integration with Radex - a 0-fee decentralized exchange for $ETC tokens. Furthermore, according to MetaMask dev team, they will need to do a lot of code changes in order to support ETC, so it will not happen any time soon.

26 June I believe 0x Protocol has already fulfilled its mission! I'd bet $1 this summer! About the mission? It's simple, to show the possibility of doing things without any direct and strong intervention! I think the big problem is the circulating supply! It is not comfortable knowing that there are 500 million tokens circulating.

25 June This is great. Now let's hope all those that wanted their voices to be heard on the subject will use this.