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Monday ADA is neutral and does how Bitcoin does. No shitty article, from a shitty page changes that dynamic short term.

11 May It seems that the steemeit network is not progressing well. Corrective measure should be undertaken.

10 May This sounds interesting. Is bounty program still available?

10 May The support above 9k has been unbelievable for Bitcoin as of late. Now we just gotta HODL!

09 May Patience. Which a lot of people don't have anymore. It's only been out for 1.5 months and in a bear market. Neo has been around for almost 2 years, look at it now. In 2 years time you will be wishing you bought at 8$.

08 May Gas comes free if you're holding NEO coins but you need the right wallet. And they can store complex multi-facteted levels of value.

08 May Been watching Vechain at #15 on Coinkapp and the 3 coins above it for about a week or so. Position 14 at one point use to be close to $1.5 billion away and now it's only $800 million away. On top of that #12 use to be right at $4 billion MC and is now more like $3.75 billion MC. At current prices for the rest of the market, a $2ish move to $7.50 would basically put us at #12 and that would mean jumping 3 spots and it could happen real quick. Super excited for what else Vechain has in store for us in the coming days / weeks until mainnet and beyond

07 May I am excited to see what waves will accomplish with gaming!

04 May Monero coordinated a giveaway competition on Bithumb a few months ago when they got listed there, (just like the what Nano is doing with binance right now). I would be very happy to see Nano get listed on Bithumb and have a similar competition. That would be a perfect way to expose asian markets to Nano and give them an incentive to trade it at high volumes for at least a few days to spark the awareness for nano in that region

02 May Governments don't like wealth transfers that they can't track. They will probably ban anonymous coins but they can never stop them. It could a niche market but a very big niche market too.