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Aug 17, 2018 Populous +56% in 24 hours. #2 top100 daily gainers!

Aug 16, 2018 I think BAT could be next on pro and the blue app or maybe xlm then BAT

Aug 15, 2018 It's good approach to build up trust for BarteDEX. I definitely appreciate everything the team have done so far.

Aug 14, 2018 I love this "Wall of Shame" post from Status As the community expands, inculcating shared values is the best form of governance

Aug 10, 2018 Let's hope the whales let us little guys get a shot at the one tomorrow :)

Aug 8, 2018 Very interesting and promising project with excellent ideas!

Aug 6, 2018 I feel that decentralisation of the net is like pregnancy, you cannot be a little bit decentralised It has to be built securely from the ground up. We will do just that, not because it's hard, but because it's right.

Jul 27, 2018 Who needs etf when we have the halving? Screw sec.

Jul 25, 2018 Crypto getting mainstraem ,waiting for the ETF

Jul 23, 2018 I think that many more people want to mine it. There is a tendency of people mining Ethereum moving to Monero. XMR definitely under-valued at its low current prices.