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15 June Exciting, looking forward to the demo live stream

13 June If you are quite sure about that x10 will happen in short time of period than you should pick all the coins who are in circulating supply to become the rich with this trick. You are not aware how big market cap required to achieve this milestone.

08 June One would imagine, that if these crowd-sourced market predictions turned out to be reliable, companies could save perhaps significant costs on forecasting/contracting analytics firms.

07 June how can bitcoin cash hard fork? thought people cannot hard fork bitcoin cash? its simply crazy how bitcoin cash holds like 20 billion market cap value within a year since its Establishment

06 June Perhaps if they make a bounty for every ads made for nem or community fund proposal to hire guys for marketing might help

05 June Truly aggressive all the way!!!! Tron is gonna become a giant.

04 June Bitcoin Private really trying to be different.My faith in the project is increasing day by day.

01 June Got back into Stellar after selling out in January. Good to be here again!

30 May The beauty here is that the rest of us not knowing this and not living in Korea can have a sigh of relief that acceptance is moving in a positive direction. Hopefully we see trends like this continue. Now for the SEC to chill out for us...

29 May Decred will be coin of the year. Hash rate already grew from 300Th in January to 9000 Th today ... with at least 2 more asic