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Tuesday Ok - Here is a bold prediction. SBI VC is now open for business. Give it a couple of months to build some decent liquidity and "At least one" (if not all 61) of the banking consortium in Japan will start using xRapid by the end of the year.

13 July July 25 i believe vm goes live

11 July I think that we all can not find better time to buy cheap cryptos this year. Weak hands have almost shaken their coins out, it's time to buy coins (maybe one of last great chances) and hold.

10 July If you're looking for alternatives to Hodling, we'd love more players to check out our Litecoin game Coindroids :D Eth may get most of the game dev love, but we're strong believers that Litecoin is a solid network to use too. Fast and cheap transactions, good documentation for developers and clients across all major platforms.

09 July nce the chinks realize BTI is less than 5 cents ===> imho just watch Wink hahaah

06 July Nicely designed. Good to see people working on things for Tron. Keep up the great work.

05 July If you have a stack of Lisk yes, you'll see a daily return. If you don't have much, don't expect much in return. Also, delegates pay out at certain dates, mostly weekly or when a minimum amount of Lisk can be sent. When dynamic fees are implemented this should change the voting system.

04 July The clogged ethereum network is gonna give us one last gift before we leave forever.... I'm dreading this transfer.

03 July good project, but two inaccuracies somehow alarming´╗┐

02 July Hope the new space is full of good vibes and helps you guys push this thing to the limits! Best of luck