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Mar 21, 2018 it's permissionless and decentralized just like the blockchain was intended to be. Nobody can stop you from using it because it can't be AML/KYC'd and only you can lose your own private keys or seed

Mar 20, 2018 ETC Will now goes to the price of ETh, cause of airdrops with EOS and good future projects ;) Could even cross 1000USD for ETC in 2 weeks.

Mar 19, 2018 Hey guys, Eth classic has been added to Australian exchange Coinspot.

Mar 15, 2018 Hello liskies and hello 140k range. Next stop 130k sat. Lets See whats Happen then. Buy more

Mar 14, 2018 Zilliqa is building their own blockchain. Zil will be their native coin. Zil erc20 token will swap to Zil coin once the Zilliqa mainnet is running. The ZIL token has just the purpose to finance the development of the Zilliqa blockchain and prepare the ground for the Zilliqa community. The Zil token to Zil coin swap will be in the ratio 1:1. But for now the Zil token is an erc20 token and can be stored in any ethereum compatible wallet, for example MEW. Ethereum can not implement the same sharding tech for scalabillity but they are developing other ways to increase their throughput. Every good blockchain is improving permanently. But the Zilliqa team has the scientific capacities to build a new generation blockchain from the scratch.

Mar 13, 2018 Qtum is generally going to have higher volatility due to a lower market cap so when those are down qtum will be down further. Unless some big news came out about qtum or something. That’s about the only exception If the market is down

Mar 5, 2018 So, the reason I'm such a big fan of RChain over other 3rd generation smart contract platforms is due to the brilliant piece of lateral thinking that RChain has done. The crux of the issue when dealing with scalable blockchains, that RChain asserts, is some of the fundamental issues in classical models of computation. Looking at correct by construction, concurrent and performant systems - RChain submit that there is only one real fit for this trinity of issues - and that is Rho Calculus (an extension of π Calculus). This is a fundamental paradigm shift from those blockchains using things like von Neumann architecture or even λ calculus. Yet, this shift in paradigm opens up a whole host of benefits that dog other ways of reasoning about massively distributed and coordinated computation. In summary, I think that RChain is very exciting. The team are approaching scalability/concurrency and formal correctness issues from a whole new, and much lower level. The way I see it, massively concurrent propositions for blockchain technology need this high degree of innovation - as the space, in general, is so different. I strongly believe if the RChain Co-op gets their developer training and industry education programs correct - they will be, without any shadow, the go-to smart contracts platform of the future.

Mar 5, 2018 Like! One of the crypto's privacy option that security level is getting increased.