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Apr 13, 2018 The EOS project is really very, very cool, because today this project has crazy volatility only in plus, look as soon as the growth of bitcoin in a few percent, then the growth of EOS starts with global steps, I think that it is worth investing in this project.

Apr 12, 2018 I was hyped for this Neo coin, but the neo coin apex offers a DEX, masternodes and has over 300 partnerships. Going to trade 50/50 with my ONT. I personally don't expect ONT to double another time.

Apr 11, 2018 The cryptocurrency industry is still an enormous market. I rack up more Mona!

Apr 11, 2018 I believe more in WAN than VEN even though I own some VEN. The interoperability is the magical thing that will bring us to the moon. Btw, WAN is part of interoperability alliance with AION and ICX. AION is considered as a leader in interoperability space and can support us a lot!!

Apr 10, 2018 Short term traders taking profits. Great project, I'm buying the dips at support levels and holding. Official product isn't launched until next year

Apr 10, 2018 If the market follows what happened on Friday it will remain relatively static around that for a good few hours before shooting up to $7100 with a chance to make a little profit.

Apr 4, 2018 I love the transparency and progression of Rchain!! Steady the course to MERCURY!!!

Mar 26, 2018 bitcoin diamond is better than bitcoin when it comes to privacy and cost of transfer. This coin has a lot potential and will grow in value!

Mar 23, 2018 Bytom is very excellent in the recent encrypted currency market adjustment performance, showing an extremely anti - drop side, and its future price trend is worth looking forward to.

Mar 22, 2018 seems the more I read and watch the more I lose Problem with crypto is that it just bleeds until it gets pumped in an hour So the long term strategy is still to hold