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Jul 19, 2018 It would be a pretty big let down for everyone involved if they left the spoon to Atom holders and it failed the vote. I haven’t seen anything to the contrary but my guess is that this Zone will go in inevitably. Hard to say, though.

Jul 18, 2018 I always think that this is what I want, but then when it happens I remember that I'm still accumulating and now it's just more expensive lol

Jul 17, 2018 It feels almost like bond markets? Returns in 24 hour in crypto and in last month abate volatility. Still some nice returns in last day for GXS, DCR and BTS.

Jul 16, 2018 Excellent news! One more step towards mass adoption.

Jul 13, 2018 This is pretty cool, sounds like airgap is top shelf security for keys which is very important. I want to store my ae where i can vote with it without worrying about hacks

Jul 12, 2018 Hi Zooko, thanks for leading this fantastic effort. Could you tell us more about your plans to drive Zcash adoption in the coming years?

Jul 11, 2018 Great intro to the Framework. Looking forward to part two. Does the Foundation imagine the external risk teams being set up as legal entities, or merely groups of people working together with a common purpose?

Jul 10, 2018 I understood that and I'm liking the update. But I just want some numbers to optimize my tweeks on my boards! =]

Jul 9, 2018 Awesome I bought some on the dip!!! lets go PUNDI X!!!!

Jul 6, 2018 My crystal ball says it will definitely hit $1 before that!