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17 August What does Nano plan for fungibility? Will it be able to support ZK tx's?

16 August Where's it mention their price dropped by 30%?

15 August Make note of it: Binance Supports Hcash (HSR) Mainnet Swap to HyperCash (HC)

14 August For the moment concentrate to grab more if you can at these current prices. One big advantage is here your investment is less volatile in term of future of project. I also have started to look at my portfolio to see what can be shorted for GNT to get. Next cycle of increase can be around the corner but no one knows.

10 August I'd like to see at least 2 cents per coin value by next year. If they stick to the roadmap like they have been they'll see some increase. Quite the ambitious next 3 quarters compared to the first though!

08 August Mixin officially support @Dashpay main chain with all the crypto-currencies available on DASH. As of today, Mixin Network officially supports BTC/ETH/EOS/XRP/ETC/SC/BCH/LTC/DASH!!

06 August Populous World can turn your receivables into immediate cash!

25 July EOS looks to be a promising coin by its dev team alone. I'm very excited about this coin leaving ICO and entering the market with some form of a functional product. 2018 should be a big year for EOS.

23 July Just can't get my head straight on why investors isn't flocking towards TRON? until now it must be that they don't now TRON or got the wrong information. This project is to good to be true. I think there will be a scenario where the price will explode cause of FOMO and sudden enlightenment of what TRON really is. Looking forward to that day though :D

20 July Dapps can use channels, they're not just for payments. Some of them atleast, funfair is a great example.