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Monday omg is taking it back to ancient human economic neccesities. See up until the point when gold and metals were used as currency, ppl used to barter for goods and services with any goods or services of their own. Now omg is taking it back to those fundamentals..

11 May So, when ETH moves over to PoW/PoS system, then the payout for ALL blocks will be reduced from 3 ETH to .82 ETH. If that's the case, I figure that most miners will move away from ETH. Not only is the difficulty getting so high that it's not worth to mine anymore. Now they are dropping the payout by 80%...

10 May BINANCE is the best exchange right now and the volume is very big there. I think that binance will be exchanges top 1 in the world for the cryptocurrency market. and in june comes coinmetro. a new exchange

09 May Feel like I need to express my feelings with VeChain.. I have studied and invested and am near 100% in VeChain. This will be the first crypto to actually untether from BTC. It will eventually overtake Ethereum in marketcap. Growth is up to enterprise use and that outlook is bright. Just wanted to say that and feel everyone here who is invested has made an actual life-changing decision. Glad to be a part of the ride with you.

08 May Now that Digibyte is compatible with the Blocknet Protocol, it can be used in cross-blockchain dapps such as a payment processor that will allow payments accepted in Digibyte to be paid for in any other currency or vice-versa!

07 May At the price, I think Bitcoin Gold is the most promising altcoin. Do not forget that more than 30% of this coin is lost forever.

04 May If Bitcoin continues to bull, it will eventually steer a big portion of alt hodlers to jump on Bitcoin. If this is the case I can see all coins losing Satoshi value. But as we have seen many many times before this is only temporary as once Bitcoin is done with her growing pains the value trickles back into the market - hopefully just in time for another epic EOS run.

03 May The big guys (whales) want to buy our Lisk for a cheap price, those who sell when the price goes down play their game.

03 May Any particulair reason for the 5% down today, of just a correction? Was hoping it would hold above 1000 sats

02 May Curious where 0x is positioned to provide value for the enormous groundswell that is coming in the securities token space. It’s not a matter of IF, but WHEN this area explodes. While exposure to retail is one thing - will there be opportunity to capture the institutional demand??