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Yesterday I'm worried neo will drop hard the next time btc decides to take a dive.

Wednesday I do not think we will see the mainnet this year. there must be more delays out there.

Tuesday Qtum has been listed on HBUS. New registrations from the USA can qualify for free Qtum tokens!

Monday Ah the joyful life of Sunerok. When he does the work and speaks publicly he gets attacked, when he seems to be doing nothing and goes into hiding he gets attack.

10 August Decred doesn't offer passive income. PoS rewards are earned through securing the network by voting on the validity of blocks. Much the way PoW miners do work for their rewards. With Decred if you do nothing you receive nothing.

09 August Happy 2nd Anniversary to the Stratis network!!

08 August How soon will the privatization happen? What will happen to coin holders on Robinhood since the coins don’t transfer into a personal/private wallet?

07 August It feels like more of a medium to long term bet, They have the best technology, but they just need to be on more exchanges, and have more killer apps developed. All of this takes time.

06 August It is a very useful blogging platform and you can find many of them if you just keep on surfing. I've found interesting articles that I can read all day long. But it's hard to earn that much through blogging on this much.

03 August I get info from everyone, even the top guys like Charles H, Vitalik, et al, with a healthy dose of skepticism. At the end of the day, I'll be holding the bags, not them, nor the 'reputable' ones who say they aren't bought. But, this market is unregulated after all, so i wouldn't be surprised if they are.