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14 June Everyone talks about decoupling from BTC, but i'm noticing that we're up 11.47% vs ETH in the past 30 days. It's not as important, but still nice to see.

12 June I'm thinking bottom will be when we see difficuly decreasing for the first time. I added about 15% to my long term holding stack at 6700 (bought 2 previous dips at 5950 and 6450 too)

11 June How long has this coin been in existence?

08 June The moment Ram & issuing new tokens went into the same sentence, all worries disappeared. Because they need these tokens for Ram, unless someone is willing to donate to the cause lol

05 June I know right. If anything it will dump considerably since all of the mined coins over the last month will finally be able to be sold. People running a rig for over a month will take some profits

04 June With the price of xrp going from +6% to -6%, you guys have to understand that a lot of people in the crypto community are interested in short term gains, they will jump on the train when things are going up to make a quick buck and jump off when xrp plateaus causing a decrease in price. Be happy with xrp's progress so far guys, like brad said we're in mile 1 of a marathon and don't forget we're up 20% since last week. Imo xrp is going to take off very soon and all these people that are in for a quick buck (selling xrp at 6% gains) are going to regret it. Time in the market beats timing the market.

01 June India loves cheap coins in price.cheapest coin on Zebpay is Tron which is trading in premium more than any country in the world Top trading volume on two big exchanges is for Tron. Price of iost is lesser than Tron and will be least price coin in Indian exchanges. While the tech and team is awesome,price is in favour and buy range for Indians, Soon it Will be most traded and favourite coin of the India.

30 May The reason ICOs don't want to raise funds via DAI is because the liquidity is horrible. You can't buy or sell it anywhere on any major exchange with any decent volume. Makerdao doesn't care about getting it added to exchanges so until then don't expect people to use it. People need the ability to BUY and SELL it. You think people are going to go use BIBOX? Or some DEX with no volume?

28 May Walton Chain versus other platform coins. Ethereum and Neo are great platforms but they create their own worst enemies. Token launch off Ethereum with intentions to dethrone them in near future... like eos. Whereas Walton Chain is creating an ecosystem where childchains intend to use Walton as their public blockchain for life. This will eliminate hype tokens and establish only child chains with real use-case scenarios. Pure Quality Blockchain.

25 May By now,gate and okex support Bytom mainnet asset now,so maybe you can deposit to gate and it will swap automatically