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Monday The best days are about to come, 25th release of Virtual Machine, 31th release of mainnet, 25th june transition from token to coin and the day after we get the election. also somewhere in between Justin still has annouce another big partnership. These are the things we know, and i'm quite sure there are things kept behind the curtain.. i'm excited for the coming weeks

11 May I am accumulating like a squirrel : 5/per week . funding my little stash from my side pizza delivery money . 😂. can't loose no matter what the coin does .

10 May Hopefully in 6 months we can look back at the last 4 months and say "it was a bit shit there but the overall trend is up"

09 May Breaking out to all time highs in an uptrend is not bearish and if crypto rallies this is my bet on what performs the best

08 May Dash has good fundamentals and evolution could be huge. Don't sweat it, and if you sold any near the top you soon have the chance to increase your Dash to a bigger stack than it was before.

07 May There are new projects coming on to stratis and that is great .One of the side chains planned on stratis platform called Blitzcash is being delisted from bittrex and this is one of the projects that stratis CEO was associated with before .Is there any official clarification from strat team?

04 May I found that great feature where you can convert your shitcoins on binance into Binance coins directly. That is a very cool feature because it really sucks to dump all these coins from the referral rewards. It is easier to convert them into BNB coins, very cool!

02 May OTA will be the standard for industry, value and price would definitely boost, so it will be a store of value as well.

01 May I do not particularly believe in this project, but as an experiment, I invested in BTG about 300 dollars, as soon as the price for a coin reaches 100-120 dollars immediately sell it.

30 April bull run confirmed. logarithmic ta suggests 0.02 btc price target (~12x from here). ~170 usd. buckle up yall. this is gonna be one hell of a ride.