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11 July The potential returns outweigh the risk associated with this investment. Imo mid-long term we will see incredible gains.

09 July I like how Trinity Wallet team makes reports about their work. It's very important for IOTA community.

05 July I had already sort of heard about Ethereum Classic, but it wasn't until I was ready to launch , that I really sort of understood what ETC was offering over ETH in terms of immutability guarantees. Now I'm on board, and easily see it growing quite large as a community

04 July Only need 200 percent gain to break even. Moon here we come!

03 July Wow really.... I need to hurry up and jump on Ont then... I’ve been accumulating Wan.

02 July NANEX is a super cool exchange, my favorite one right now. I hope people realize soon how much more efficient Nano is for trading. Glad to know XMR is coming on now too, that's another REAL crypto. Love to see the grassroots movement prevailing over some of the big Bitmain crypto cartels...

28 June Did you know that soon bytecoin will be worth $600? I bet you didn’t...hehe

27 June Buying till I reach my (undisclosed) target ;)

26 June Where did you get those information sources? Can you provide me more details or some linked websites? I really want to dig it up before conducting my investment.

25 June BYTECOIN better than bitcoin!