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09 August The difficulty with Monero is not temporary. BCH services typically index all transactions by addresses involved. When a client (a wallet or a small merchant) comes online, it queries the server about client's new transactions. The server can respond very quickly because of the index. This is not possible in Monero because of stealth addresses. Both the client and the server have to consider all the transactions that happened on the network while the client was offline. The only way that I'm aware of to fix this is to give up stealth addresses.

07 August if it gets to that point then i'll be filling a lot of bags, i'd be surprised if it goes below 60c personally though.

03 August nem is severely undervalued!!

02 August Nice to see there still life in it. something tells me this could show some respectable gains in the coming months.

01 August The cryptocurrency market will grow and all of us with it. And also we humanity will wear shiny suits and will eat from tubes.

31 July Meet Hshare on ChangeNOW! HSR is now available for swapping with more than 150 cryptos at great rates!

30 July Excited for next month and beyond. Feels good to have Ledger Nano S support coming soon so my stack is ultimately secure.

27 July I think something is going to happen, looks like GNT is going to burst....

26 July Locking the price of a crypto asset is actually a surprisingly useful feature. It sounds expensive, but is possibly just fantastic when it comes to marketing crypto to more mainstream actors. Big thumbs up!

25 July Ardor homepage on mobile needs some serious revamping