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15 June Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance (PBFT). Is there security protocol I believe.

15 June Against it there is a struggle, therefore it is not known in what direction the price will go

13 June Great news! Now throw that goddamn aggressive religion away.

12 June I think it is depending on which currency. There are 2 possibilitys is there a gateway involved or is this a waves token? Gateways have always longer waiting times. Waves or waves tokens should already be through!

08 June i seriously think when smart contracts get going you're going to take the whole community by storm. It baffles me how few people seem aware of everything you're doing, could be a huge year if everything plays out well :) best of luck!

07 June Losing anonymity would probably be the only way to vote exclusively on the blockchain. I think the best way to do it would be to have voting stations like we currently do record the votes and then publish to the blockchain. This would eliminate some third parties but not all.

06 June is not the price movement down it NORMAL? you want to just enjoy the profit. in fact, price movements may rise or fall Cheesy

05 June People take anonymity for granted, in fact, they have this illusion that having a different persona in the Internet makes them anonymous, so "what's the fuss about?", they say. Once they see and feel that their government knows everything they do, only then they will value their privacy. Of course, governments don't want anonymity for the masses, they want it only for themselves.

04 June Bought at 9.30 .... hope things will turn out oke in the end... still holding

01 June Awesome.. I personally think that the team could not have worked harder than this. Kudos to all their efforts for pulling this in such a short time