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15 June A protocol that has large areas of application. I bought this coin at low prices

13 June I remember the hysteria, fomo was flowing through everyone's minds. I'm still buying in 😂😂 I haven't lost touch with my fomo even now

12 June Great news, I'm looking forward to Wanchain 2.0 :) Can you tell us when are you distributing WAN currently being mined to holders? Thank you

08 June I am heavily invested in bitcoin private and love the idea. Now I saw a recently that there’s a fork coming up called bitcoin anonymous, which is forking from the same two coins as btcp did. I guess my question is how is that possible? Or is BTCP changing its name to anonymous bitcoin because it seems like it’s going to be the same coin in essence. Smiley

07 June Uber and Lyft need to start accepting Litecoin. I am a driver and I emailed them this suggestion. If you are a Uber Driver, you should also suggest Uber to add Litecoin as a payment option. You can easily send this suggestion via the Uber Driver app under the "Feedback" section. If any of these tech giants ever start accepting Litecoin, that will make us mainstream. That's the break Litecoin needs.

06 June No one knows when it'll hit bottom. If you like the coin, might as well use the dollar averaging technique and buy a small portion now.. if it drops further, buy more.

05 June Maybe.. they're bigger than an exchange? Lol I don't know what to make of it because I always thought FairX was going to be a remittance/exchange for all crypto coins, possibly using XLM as the medium between trades. Maybe they're going to become a big anchor bank? :o

04 June IIRC REP is not the token used to place your predictions with, you would use ETH or maybe DAI, etcetera. REPs function is to report the outcome of the event, earning a pro-rata share of the reporter fees taken for that market. I'm not sure either that the Augur foundation shall be providing liquidity to 'Yes' but in fact providing a large amount of liquidity to a 'No' prediction. Great initiative to provide bounty for a hackathon and stress testing the platform in a controlled yet somewhat open way.

01 June Are there any special upgrading steps for long time users? I've had core installed for awhile and the " HD-wallets by default" part kinda scares me as I think my wallet has the HD crossed out.....

29 May Any problems with the conclusion? I decided to register in this social network but it seems there are some problems ? It seems you need to wait for the answer of the developers