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13 August yes i am pretty sure too that eth price will go up to 1000$ again and that could be happens in this month i am holding my eth and collecting more when price go down

09 August very nice... the load up time does appear to be much better now. good work.

07 August Was bummed I couldn’t buy more when we were 27 two weeks ago... accumulation time is now and earn gas in the process. It’s a process folks.

06 August So the news I have read on ICE and Bakkt appears to be talking about Bitcoin, has there been any reference to other digital assets like XRP?

03 August i tend to agree. lets not speculate that this is a governmental coin just jet. or is it?

02 August This shows how far away Crypto in general is from mainstream/ everyday usage.

01 August I can't believe. BTG is downhill to the ground.

31 July I еxресt this іdеа go uр wеll аnd реrfесt. Unbіаsеd websіtе, іrreрrоaсhаble website, rеаlly gоod асtivіty.

30 July The AE TOKEN project team should continue to increase market publicity so that more people can participate in the development of the project and enjoy the huge bonus of the project development.

27 July I've experienced trading on kucoin and i think it's a good one given it's security measures i guess i can confidently say that my funds are safe there. And to think that most of the ICO prefer to be listed on KUCOIN i think this might be the next big one when it comes to exchanges.