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Today I just put in a buy around $555 and the price immediately jumped like $30. Feelsgoodman.

Monday If we reach to the philosophy behind the need of Aetrenity project then can understand which are its competitors and whose market share will be on stack at the success of Aeternity. This is a vast platform to handle many things and development so far has been such impressive and on track that one can predict future. I appreciate to re-endorse the main net release to be on schedule so far.

11 May If Litecoin had not adopted Segwit first, god only knows where Bitcoin would be right now. Probably crying itself to sleep in a gutter somewhere with ASICBOOST miners running a train on it. Every night hodlers would still be going to sleep and feeling the invasively warm tickle of Roger and Jihan's moist halitosis riddled tongues probing the inside of their ears like being prison bunkmates with a couple of horny anteaters.

10 May Hybrid dpos or Rdpos are both nice. I should choice 100% for Rdpos. Its the most fair thing. What about lisk making a new dpos (fdpos)system that would maybe even better. 101 nodes just like now. All the earnings go in a pool. Node holders Earning a fixed amount. They doing dome work so should get paid for it. And the pool is giving dividends to all lisk holders.

09 May I'm waiting for NEX on NEO for months, NEX will change the crypto space, and benefit it.

08 May The Digix team is killing it! Keep up the good work!

07 May This project has gone smoothly and has not failed to live up to your expectations. I'm very happy about it. Good luck to you all! I am waiting for good news and bright future!

05 May Long time WTC holder here, normally pretty quite but read everything on here....Been through the lows and the highs and this week, I can say that I am extremely glad I chose WTC...its performance, team, and everything they have done (minus the few flukes/mistakes) have been nothing short of amazing. This steady gain is making me so excited for the future :D...carry on WTC fam.

04 May When Bitcoin hits $1 million will people still buy? At that point the price would have to climb to $2m just for someones $20 dollar investment to double to $40. Assuming we hit $1m Bitcoin in 2023, thats 15 yrs from genesis to $1m. So will it take an additional 15 years to go from $1m to $2m? ...And have to wait 15 yrs for that $ 20 dollar investment to become $40? ..Thoughts?

03 May Hopefully all Equihash coins will stand up against Bitmains aggression's.... Lets try to be the leader in this and get out in front of Bitmains release and make them worthless.....