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Mar 13, 2018 Trading volume means nothing, when I sell and buy 1 BTC for USDT multiple times in a day, I create tens of tousands of USDT trading volume ans still, I end up with 1BTC and no USDT and I created that only with 10000 of usdt, no more is needed even for hundrets of tousands of trading volume, heck, even a milions of trading volume can be created with only 10k

Mar 5, 2018 The team is achieving critical mass. Preparing for lift off.

Mar 5, 2018 With the development of many coins focusing on private transactions, privacy specific coins may have little to offer moving forward. Of the existing privacy coins, XMR is the only large market cap coin that appears to live up to its promises. The development and community around XMR continues to grow, and will only continue to gain attention with prices at these levels.