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May 8, 2018 I think Cardano's technology is going to be a huge success on the Asian market, especially in Japan. In that case, if they find their application there, the multiple growth of the course will not have to wait long. Moreover, the founders of the project are constantly working to make Ada tokens appear on popular exchanges. For example, on December 2, the crypto-exchange Binance announced the addition of Cardano (pairs with BTC and ETH), and less than a week ago the pair ADA/ETH appeared on Bittrex. Thus, daily turnover of tokens increases, which positively affects capitalization and cost.

May 7, 2018 nice update! i'm sure that SC will be grow slowly and reach the 1000 sats this year

May 5, 2018 I have the same feeling. I appreciate the long-term developed technology. However, the public adoption is low, which is the huge discrepancy between ARDOR and other mainstream coins, BTC, ETH. I don't know if there are some good plans from the dev team.

May 4, 2018 There are many rumors that this coin will be removed from poloniex. However. There is not a clear message coming from dev. I could think that it was a force majeure that reduced the value of XMR coin, a shark's trap, maybe.

May 2, 2018 Hey guys, just bought some EOS today.. honestly, it's a bit of FOMO, not sure what's going to happen. I registered my wallet, everything's good that way (thanks for all the posts on that btw). A little overwhelmed with all those AMAs listed.

May 1, 2018 I remember this time last year I had a end of year target of $100 for ETH. Seemed impossible, but we all know what ETH ended up doing. This time I’m going with a conservative Price Target of $200 for OMG. It has almost identical supply as ETH and similar price to ETH this time last year

Apr 30, 2018 Is there a coin or a token that can compete with Nano? I always ask myself this question when I have a little doubt to buy more Nano. Apart from speculation I can't see nothing better than Bitcoin and Nano

Apr 27, 2018 We will win more. ICON has earned more. The Buddha will follow him and raise him for $ 15.

Apr 25, 2018 Like minnows on steemit, dedication, consistency, quality content, should always flow, before marketing it to attract a good curator to ultimately lift you higher on the steemit platform ..

Apr 24, 2018 ARDOR is very good, as long as the encrypted money market will pull up the whole market.