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Jul 2, 2018 Wow, x nodes dropping like flies in here today....I took a gamble buying crypto, I took a gamble locking in an x node (a calculated one) and I will be taking the same gamble swapping to a mobile wallet if that’s my only option. I am just going to have to trust the security and hope that they extend the timeline in the meantime. I get it, it makes me nervous but I am not letting go of the opportunity to be an early investor in many of the ICO’s that Vechain support.

Jun 28, 2018 The first relayers (big or small) that also include bids from other relayers are going to be the most successful. Eventually, we'll be able to choose our relayer based on personal UX preference. Full liquidity will be equally accessible from any of them.

Jun 27, 2018 Now let's hope all those that wanted their voices to be heard on the subject will use this.

Jun 26, 2018 It is always good to spread risk among multiple options and that's why Golem is also should be included in wallet. There is progress little slower but steady and this is the project among all three competing which has strong support and is backed by big active players. GNT has not lost space and is pretty much relevant with in this filed as important player.

Jun 25, 2018 The community will be able to do whatever it wants through governance, including changing the token mechanics. The 0x core team's role will change significantly once governance is out. We will absolutely not be in a position to control the governance process. Over time we will fade in prominence, simply being one voice among many. Eventually we will all probably move on to build other cool things in the ecosystem, dunno what that timeline looks like.

Jun 22, 2018 What is a next big thing for Golem? SGX/Graphene-ng? Machine Learning? or maybe other renderers? Cheers.

Jun 21, 2018 The more REP someone holds, the higher their share of profits generated by the platform. It really depends on how much ETH that Augur will make in fees from the markets. If investors see a lot of markets being successfully settled and a higher volume of markets being created over time, it would mean that holding a lot of REP could be profitable down the line (assuming that the REP holder is fulfilling his or her reporting obligations).

Jun 20, 2018 Right there with you though. Wanchain is an ICO platform like ETH and NEO. While more centralized, it’s more enterprise-ready and I believe they’re building a pipeline of projects to ICO. Thought I missed the boat when it jumped up there like you, but now seems like a more fair time to at least start DCA’ing :)

Jun 18, 2018 I have observed very concrete improvements recently in Kucoin performance and user friendliness. Over time I believe that Kucoin will will fix issues as they have the time and resources to do so.

Jun 14, 2018 We all knew CryptoCurve is launching on Wanchain and its touted as wanchain’s frontend. But we clearly didn’t see this coming - partnership with wanchain? Wowww mind bending news !!!