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17 August Forbes Highlights How Dash Can Help Fund Artists!!

16 August Are the eos blockchain explorers running way behind the actual blockchain? I am trying to get EOS off an exchange and can't figure out what is going on.. I see on one explorer that a eosio.token transfer has taken place, but the EOS itself is not updated.

15 August The release candidate for decrediton 1.3.0 is out in the wild. Some nice additions to the user onboarding section animation and motion design to help make the process of understanding decredproject easier.

14 August looks like really good project...and prcie seems good these days to enter the market again...well critical voice must be allowed toeard though

13 August To be fair there was a few weeks of arbitrage going on since Korean exchanges were selling for a premium. I have been waiting for a decent dip but just bought in again now ...

10 August Let us not forget about the eventual overtaking of the PETRO-DOLLAR by the PETRO-YUAN. It is happening every minute of every day. Markets accross the world are dumping the dollar, who would blame them for doing the rational thing in the face of insanity.

09 August You will need to be transparent on the daily kcs buyback now as we cannot use overall volume as a correct indicator now... As we have no idea how many "institutions" will be trading with the lower fees.

08 August As the 0x protocol begins to facilitate trade of asset-backed-tokens (which by their definition are not currency), these transactions will clear with ZRX because each asset being exchanged is non-fungible/unique and cannot include more of itself for the vig.

07 August Say goodbye to HSR 👋 and hello HyperCash (HC)! 😎 The #MainChain 2.0 Upgrade has been Officially Launched!

06 August I'm looking at decredition and its "My Tickets" part. In my opinion you could move the tiles of the relative stages of the tickets reordering them in chronological order to make clear the stages of the "life" of the tickets purchased.