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Tuesday I am expecting a yearly global psychological pump and dump scheme brought to you by self fullfilling prophecies of all rational and irrational actors combined (don't care if you are a bull, shill, fudster, there is a time and place for you). collective human interaction follows patterns. EOY 2018: $100k - $150k EOY 2019: $1mil at this point, adoption revolves around people realizing Bitcoin is not dead, each in their own terms. Looking forward to be surprised. tldr: we are coming in wawes!

13 July Personally, I can’t wait for Stronghold’s USD fiat on ramp to Stellar. This will be big for us Stellar enthusiasts. Let’s not get too worked up with the small slip-ups guys. Another bit of time until the beta is no biggie.

11 July You can still store Monero on ledger, but it's not included in the new Ledger app. You can however use the Ledger wallet in conjunction with the official Monero GUI or CLI wallets.

10 July Bitcoin cash faucet on wheels

09 July So the mobile wallet is up and running and I have allready created my wallet all ready for when the token swap happens. The wallet seems very smooth and functional I am well impressed and very excited.

06 July More tether drama!

05 July Well a new exchange listing is great. Lets hope the coin rises gradually no p&d

04 July Is there any likelihood that after the partial transfer of Eth to POS, interest in ETC from the side of miners will grow significantly?

03 July It's been down all day, crazy huh. I wonder what it is this time. Another DDOS? I remember that happened some month ago.

02 July Zcash will be targeted by governments if it becomes huge. No government can afford to have anynonynous transactions .